Asset Remote

The Asset Remote Family of asset trackers helps you protect & monitor what is important to you. All our asset trackers feature an intelligent power management algorithm that allows them to track as often as 15 seconds when moving and as long as once per week when completely stationary.

They come in a variety of sizes and battery duration to suite any requirement.

Asset Remote Magnet

The Asset Remote Magnet features a weatherproof housing with 4 high strength magnets and a 15.6 Amp Li-Poly rechargeable battery and can track up to 150 continuous hours in motion. Alternatively it has a standby duration of up to 6 months. It can be programmed to wake up on motion/vibration and go to deep sleep when it is stationary. It can be set for tracking intervals from 10 seconds to 24 hours.

It is a great solution for outdoor medium to long term deployments.

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